Vaytricks is for the Culture

Human culture in the post mobile-phone age is changing quickly and is already much different than it has been in the past. The majority of people in the developed world are effortlessly communicating and building off of each other’s ideas through the magic of recent technology. This allows humanity as a whole to operate less like a species and more like a unified hive-mind. It’s absolutely supercharging the rate at which culture progresses and new ideas continue to develop at a mind-boggling rate.

Mobile technology is controlled by several large corporations that are paving the path of progress by enhancing smartphone capabilities and acting as stomping elephants. There are also countless other small brands and startups competing and trying to innovate in an attempt to carve out a market share in their industry. This innovate or die mentality does not just drive technological progress forward, but also outwards, creating massive fragmentations in every vertical and horizontal avenue of the tech industry.

  • It is both the cultural and the technological explosion that has created the economic factors Vaytricks is founded on. Specifically, Vaytricks wants to address two problems.

The problems:

  1. Information overload. The cultural engine that rewards and incentivizes users to create and engage with digital content is constantly fighting for people’s attention and their time. Our aim is to make it easier for people to create content and also digest it.
  2. Fragmentation. The technological engine of progress is providing massive disarray as companies rapidly iterate and enter new markets to strive for dominance in the tech land grab as companies battle for market dominance.

Vaytricks is uniquely positioned to fulfill users needs with solutions to this cultural problem, while also working and addressing the technological problem. To do this, Vaytricks is building truly universal content creation apps for the fragmented spatial-computing age.

Let’s break this statement down.

Truly Universal simply means that our apps will be multiplatform and available on every mainstream consumer device that supports third party developers. It’s important to note that some companies call their apps multiplatform and only release for PC systems, and then ship a dumbed down simpler app for mobile. Vaytricks is not doing that, we’re focusing on creating a unified experience on not just mobile and PCs, but game consoles, web browsers, and VR/AR systems. The apps are built to support this wide range of platforms from the get go, so support will come fast. A user will be able to start working on a project on their morning commute and then be able to load up their project later in the day say on a Vive vr headset and not miss a beat.

Content Creation apps identify Vaytricks' product focus around apps that modify edit and create media. We will build apps for audio, video, image and 3d model creation, editing and production. Our two main competitors in the space are the Adobe CC and Apple's iLife Suite (iMovie, GarageBand).

The Fragmented Spatial-Computing Age refers to this 4th computing age that experts have been talking about for a while but is just now finally starting to reach the consumer market. Computing ages are defined by the input methods that each generation employs. The first age happened with the birth of the early consumer-PC age in the early eighties and was ruled by the terminal and the keyboard. Next, graphical user interfaces were created so that users could interact with items on the screen via a mouse and keyboard. This remained predominant until about 2006 with the iPhone and the mobile age ruled by touch input. This age has remained on top until the spatial computing age has come to challenge the throne.

It’s important to note that each new age does not completely invalidate the previous ages before it, they just add to the fragmentation that makes up the current device technological mix. This is going to be extra relevant with the spatial computing revolution and with the penetration that both the PC and Mobile Systems have on the market. The spatial computing age will only supplement and improve these established systems. So what exactly is this spatial computing age?

Well, we like to define it as the time where technology starts to understand both us and the world around it. This will allow us to use technology in ways that were not possible. For example, artificial intelligence is already changing the way we interact with machines. So instead of touching a tiny mobile screen, you have a natural conversation with an AI assistant that knows and understands you. Another pivotal piece of the spatial computing age is the breakthroughs in computer vision with inside-out tracking. This will allow mobile phones to see the world like we do. With this tracking, smartphones are capable of doing both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality very well, which will, in turn, allow us to interact with our smartphones in completely new ways that will be pivotal to the spatial computing age. AI, AR and VR are shaping up to be the pivotal pillars of the spatial computing age. These technologies unlock many new ways to interact with technology and will only up the amount of fragmentation in the coming ages.

Where does Vaytricks fit in the evolving ecosystem seeing massive cultural and technological changes? Well Vaytricks core goal is to make apps that let people build and add to the culture that works on every device a user owns. We will be porting our apps not just to every VR/AR/AI product in the marketplace, but also to PC’s and Mobile phones in order to fully penetrate the market and provide value for users on every device they own.

So what exactly is Vaytricks building? With our focus locked in on Content Creation Apps, we have defined a rough roadmap that we will relentlessly pursue. We are starting with audio apps. Our first app, Beat Machine is live on mobile app stores and is currently being ported over to VR/AR systems. Concurrently we have been working on building a midi synth system and timeline editing system that we will release as standalone products. We are also pushing towards integrating all our audio systems into a full DAW (digital audio workstation) app called VAW (virtual audio workstation). We then will work on integrating AI that will allow users to work with something like a neural net or other AI systems to generate new musical ideas. Once we reach a solid position in the audio world we will use the audio work as a starting point to ship a feature complete multi-platform video editing app. From there we will work on image editing and CAD software to achieve the goal of delivering a complete content creation suite, that will allow users to make any content they desire, on every device, for free. Vaytricks is out here, building apps to empower anyone to create culture, stay tuned. 

Be sure to check out our first app, Beat Machine on the Android and IOS stores today.