Create, share, and export lossless .wav auto tune tracks with your phone using the Wav Voice Tune app. Coming soon the the Android and Ios store.


Welcome to the Wav Voice Tune system. In this app you can use your phone's microphone to auto pitch correct your voice. Use our robust and professional auto pitch correction recording system to effortlessly create your desired perfectly tuned sound. 

Whether you're recording vocals for rap, pop, or you just want to change you singing voice, the Wav Voice Tune will fit your needs perfectly. 

The features include. 

-Exposed auto pitch correcting controls
-Musical scale snapping
-Waveform visualization
-Wav file export
-Native android file sharing
-Other effects such as chorus, delay, distortion, reverb, flanger, filters, etc...

Be sure to check out the Wav Voice Tune system today!



Coming Soon to IOS and avalibe on Android today